Sabella Clydesdales Bio

Sabella Clydesdales was founded by myself Erin Miller in early 2010. I had always had a passion for horses with her horse education starting at the early age of 5 with riding lessons at the local stables in Canada where I am from.

Upon my move to New Zealand in 2003 I worked for a riding school in Whitford for 2 years before moving on and eventually getting my first Clydesdale "Bella." From there Sabella Clydesdales was born as a passion for working and riding Clydesdales had started!

Sabella Clydesdales is situated in Pukekawa, Waikato on a 17 acre block where the horses are still worked on the land when possible.

The Clydesdale community is very active in  New Zealand in educating and promoting the breed and I encourage anyone who is interested in this amazing breed to get in touch with the Clydesdale Society and the Waikato Heavy Horse Association.